1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer

1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer 7.1

Send Personalized Email 1 by 1 for Emarketing

Send Personalized Email 1 by 1 for Emarketing

1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer (1ME) is a fast and easy-to-use multithreaded emailer that is used to send your messages to bulk recipients. With the unique one by one feature, you can send your personalized email to bulk recipients with ONE email template by utilizing the macros, and you can be assured of a high delivery/success rate (your emails will almost certainly be delivered into the receiver's inbox, not the spam or junk folder). With the multithreaded feature, your experience will be fast and efficient.

Key Features

Sends Emails to Recipients One by One with Pause Setting,

Macros Manager & Built-in Macros to Make the Personalized Messages for Each Receiver,

High Delivery/Success Rate because One by One & Individual Email Features,

Adjustable Multithreaded Mailing to Make It to Be Fast,

Displays Enhanced Visual Statistics (Counts and 3D Pie Chart) During Sending in Real Time,

Supports to Use the Recipients Files (txt/csv/xls(x) to Send Email Directly,

SMTP Accounts/Proxy Servers Manager and Automatic Selecting the Available One if Failed,

Supports to Select Contacts from txt/csv/xls(x) Files,

Supports to Pause/Continue/Stop Sending,

Supports to Resend the Failed Sendings,

Friendly & Enhanced Visual Log Viewer,

And more.

Professional yet intuitive delivery report will be generated when sending. In addition to display the results in a traditional list view, 1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer also makes the enhanced visual statistics by counts and 3D pie chart in real time during sending messages. Also, you can conveniently review the sent emails and recipients in the Log Viewer with the same visual effect.

If you are looking for an email sender to send the personalized email (a message only for ONE recipient, and displays receiver name in the subject/content) to your clients for emarketing, 1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer will be your first choice.

1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer


1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer 7.1